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for four instruments (2003)
Premiere: March 23, 2003 International Composers Forum Belgrad
Performers: musikfabrik
Premiere of the revised version (2006): Dec 15, 2006 Auditorium Rome
Performers: ensemble recherche

Twilight Dialogues for flue, clarinet, viola and percussion (2002/03) / piano (2006)
"Slowly, with the gravity of an inanimate object, now coming to a standstill, now turning, where currents meet, in listless leisurely gyrations the November day has reached the hour when the light is dying behind a low cold bank of cloud, and the twilight brings no promise of mitigation or peace. He searches every face. But the people, aimlessly streaming along the gray ditches of the streets, are all like himself - atoms in whom the radio-activity is extinct, and force has tied its endless chain around nothing."
- Dag Hammarskjöld, 1946